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As told by a restaurant-friend of ours who works on Cape Cod

An elderly man and his wife order at the seafood based restaurant.  He gets the oysters on the half-shell.  They are served on a platter beset upon a bed of large-grain rock-salt.  It’s a thing some restaurants do rather than ice.  Ice machines are expensive.  The salt is white, nice presentation, holds the oysters in place, apropos (salt, oysters).  The man eats his oysters.  He then apparently mistakes the salt for a bed of rice though no one notices.  He eats the “rice”, grain by grain, apparently never seeming to recognize that its’s much saltier than rice.  It’s as salty as “food” gets.  He gets ill.  Paramedics are called.  He maybe suffers from…dementia (?) And, so, the apparently oblivious wife does what?  She blames the restaurant for serving oysters on salt.   I get it.  She was upset.  Someone must be to blame.  Isn’t that the way these days.

The man was ok.

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