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I expected great music and lots of bars in Nashville last weekend.   I was bound by feedback from friends and family: “You’ve got to go.”

But I did not expect…

To book my very first Air BnB—for the 1st night as all hotels were either sold out or over $400, or miles from downtown.

Or to have a roommate for 24 hours, she being an aspiring music producer, renting her 2nd bedroom on the down-low for cash flow.  She was cool, liked candles, stayed hidden, had (3) coffee choices and plenty of wine—“Help yourself.”

I did not expect…

So much neon.

The incredible Bourbon St Blues Bar.

Or to score front row seats (I could rest my chin on the stage!) at the “historic” Ryman Theater, when they released tickets the night before, to hear a Tom Petty tribute performed by former members of the Byrds, who ended with their final encore of, “Turn, turn, turn.”  Great show with a mix of country music and mellow, old school rock.  Thanks Johnny Shev for the great idea.  (Sorry our seats were better than yours!)

I did not expect…

(3) story bars with live music on every floor or…

A ratio that seemed 2:1 female to male—for those guys looking for herds of “hens” (not my word!) as lots (and lots) of showers and girls night out are happening in “NashVegas”—with a wide array of matching style from each girl having different Skittles–colored hair to matching T Shirts such as “I’m with Bride-zilla.”

The best T shirt of the weekend?  “I’ve been drinking about you.” People-watching in Nasville is top notch!

Best bar chalkboard?  At the Honky Tonk:

“I’ve never pretended to be anything I’m not…Except for sober.  I’ve pretended to be sober a few times.”

It’s tough to be sober in Nashville.  Great weekend, but like Vegas–don’t stay too long!

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