How to survive 25, Chapter 3

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As COBBLESTONES counts down to our 25thanniversary celebration, a weekly installment (on Thursday), will share some historical “business” –menu item specials, special memories, funny stories…the special(s) of the week selected from old crowd-favorites, and some “How to survive 25” stories that you may or may not be interested in!

Artichokes Francaise, Scallops Pastalaya, Bananas Flambe

We are currently running (3) of the most missed and beloved items from menus past, as we head into one of our favorite celebrations of the year—Valenine’s Day—and testimonies of love!

People ask me all the time: “Why did you take that off the menu? I loved that.” The answers to that question are many and vary from item to item. Sometimes the popularity of items doesn’t warrant leaving them on. Sometimes, the “same” public (and owner!) clamor for change. Sometimes, throughout (25) years, dining habits and trends change. Sometimes chefs turnover and want to assert their own palates and preferences, and sometimes factors like economics, staffing and buisiness levels test capacity.

Of the many menu items that we have removed or adjusted through the years, none elicit more response and memories than the Artichokes Francaise! We thought it a great item to bring back this month, in honor of Valentine’s day. (We love you!)

And, for your information—The owner (hello!) is less restless, our chef is confident and secure and honors our history, our staff is strronger than ever, and vegetables on menus are hotter than ever. So, if “you” want the artichokes to return permanently, like the Fusion Bread, …please share this with friends, get in here and let’s make sure they become as popular as they seemed to be…after we removed them from the menu! Please enjoy. :)

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