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How to survive 25–our weekly storytelling continues–leading to our 25th year celebration on FRIDAY, JUNE 7TH.  Please mark that date!

This week’s installment, Share the love, is in tribute to Valentine’s Day, coming this Thursday.  Valentiine’s Day is one of our favorite annual celebrations for the obvious reason.  We love it–and you.

It also makes us think of the many (many,many) love connections that we have helped foster throughout these many years.  In fact, while attending a most special wedding recently of two beloved former employees who met at COBBLESTONES, Matt Siopes and Tiffany Roper, Kathy and I (and another couple at the wedding who had met at COBBLESTONES!!) started tallying how many such couples we could recall!  We reached double digits.  (Mind you, that’s just EMPLOYEES who met-and-married.  We can’t fathom the number of guests and friends!

For staff and guests alike, our environment is ready-made for finding love.  Music, soft lighting, delicious food, intoxicating liquor, action, excitement…and “Will you marry me?” often ensues.  (Although “Yes” is the most common answer, a handful of employees peeked from behind a curtained door recently as a young man on his knees sobbed, apparently miscalculating her answer.  Poor fella.  Maybe he should have ordered another round 1st!)

How about YOU!?  Please share your love story with us!

Did you meet at either of our restaurants?  (Danielle and Mike?!  Chrissy and Tim!)  First date?   (We see you Vanessa and Stacey!) Did you get engaged here?  How many showers-rehearsals-weddings-anniversaries have you celebrated or attended at Cobblestones or moonstones!? How many of you are brave enough to share you made out on the 3rd floor couch?

What special memories can you share with our Stones circle?  Here’s a toast to love, memories and milestones!

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