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Written by  ,     September 28, 2009     Posted in Business

There are so many things I love about the industry that chose me.  And way, way up high on that list is the people who we work with day in day out, coast to coast.  They are amazing.  They are mad, crazy and passionate.  Our people are full of positive energy, ‘have it your way’ kind of caring, ready to stay up all night at just the slightest twist of the arm to celebrate camraderie.  They are artsy, funky, touchy, feely, smiley, in your face and do the right thing.  They care about the products we sell; they like to taste them, talk about them, think of ways to do them differently.  They care about the buyers, who are more affectionately called our “guests” or “my customers”.  They drive guests home who have had too much to drink, they help the elderly up the stairs.  They care about each other.  Whenever a wallet gets lost, a hat gets passed.  A birthday?  There WILL be cake. (And post shift shots.  Maybe an all nighter)  They care about being green.  And about overfishing and sustainability.  They care about the farmers as much as anyone cares about the farmers.  They care about immigration, fair trade and animal cruelty.

And last week, as an industry united nationwide, they cared about the children.  Not their own, but all of our own.  Through the
Share Our Strength Foundation, and The Great American Dine Out, over 3500 restaurants particpated last week in raising money to end childhood hunger in America.  Last week, our people sought to surpass the efforts of 2008, which resulted in over 4.5 MILLION meals funded for the more than 12 million children who are at risk.  Last week, above all else, our people worked a little bit harder to do what they do everyday;  Feed the people.

Only last week, the work was that much more amazing.  If it were possible to raise 3500 glasses all at once, I would propose a toast.
“Here’s to you all, you beautiful restaurant people!  I love you.”

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