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You know the good (and really bad) commercials when they frequently find their way into your head…

I have just returned from an impromptu whirlwind “hiatus”, beginning with an annual poker jaunt to Foxwoods (Where Jerry Seinfeld proved the biggest cheese at Tom Colicchio’s Craft Steak), which I parlayed into a Sunday NY Giants game in The Meadowlands (for a rare these days victory), that became “3 of a kind” as I spent the next 3 excellent nights making 3 college visits with daughter number 3, Kelli, staying in New York City, joined on Tuesday by Kath Plath and some of our oldest best friends, The Jacobsen’s, for a completely memorable trip (not necessarily in a good way!) to Central Park to see the Inflation Celebration (with 10,000 other rained on, packed in, can’t move, it’s “for the kids” tourists!) while the Macy’s Day Parade floats were being “filled” with helium. (while tethered flat to the ground below, along 72nd st) and then, Thanks and turkey and all the trimmings …before watching hours of football, 10 of us packed into the “family room” of Grammy’s, before a late night departure drive back to Massachusetts as daugher #2, Tara, kept us wide awake til 2AM with energetic tales of recent School of the Art Institute (Chicago) educational awakenings that included the origins of “Platonic” (Plato), and “inverted genitalia” (the less perfect male) and the “floating uterus”! And, finally, 6 nights later…my bed!!

There are way too many highlights to share, that might not be that interesting to the reader, but in the vein of the aforementioned commercial, let me close with my own cliche…

“Drinking in a bar with Dave, on 2nd ave, featuring Cuban and Italian Cuisine, owned by Israeli filmaker brothers, who are making a film about Ernest Hemingway (when not muddling mojitos)… $75.00

5 days of; Losing in Foxwoods, Eating at Craft Steak, Sleeping in Manhattan, more “research and development” with my brother… A-LOT MORE than $75.00!!!

Taking the R train to Union Square, walking to Alfred Portale’s Gotham Bar and Grill, then watching Kath Plath actually order the $90.00 Gnocchi with White Truffles appetizer, in celebration of Kelli’s 1st college acceptance, before attending a raunchy, hilarious comedy show performed by “gay, white and terrified” Billy Eichner…PRICELESS.

You only live once“- Kathy Plath, most recently

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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