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Last night was another ridiculously busy one at Cobblestones, thanks YET AGAIN in large part to the incredible work our friends at Lowell Memorial Auditorium do. I tweeted how awesome it is to be a full house by 6PM, including private rooms, only to be completely full again at 8PM, right through 10PM.

After helping, by assuming my old role at expo through the “crunch” with a manager on vacation, I then engaged in one of my all time favorite activities.  I sat behind the taps in the bar corner, with a pen and cocktail napkin and watched the place bustle. “why aren’t staff using steam to polish wine glasses?” was the 1st note to self.

While sipping on our new (amazing) Kentucky Bourbon Ale, I overheard a cocktail waitresses “code word” to the bartender, watched the bartender smirk, and knew something was up.

I asked Lee “what’s that all about?”.  She responded; “Well, every once in awhile when we get one of “those type” customers, who say (stupid) things like, “my drink is watered down”, we have a code.  I then fill the straw of his next drink with the liquor” (in this case it was Captain Morgan in a Captain and coke).  “Problem solved.  Works every time” my 12 year veteran bartender shared with pleasure. (as the 1st sip of the new drink presents a larger ratio of liquor to mix, convincing the guest that his complaint was effective)

(Note to the general public; What also works is a tight ice pack and less mixer.  Our drinks are poured the same way everytime.  It is the “ratio”  that creates one perception vs another)

Amused by the whole thing that I never really knew about (too many years at expo I guess), I texted my DC bartending daughter Aislyn the whole account.  She wrote back “Old trick Dad.  One of my favorites.”

Apparently I am a bit out of the loop when my 24 year old knows the old tricks that I don’t!



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