“ALBERT, CLEAN YOUR ROOM” (A letter to the Chef)

Written by  ,     June 21, 2011     Posted in Business, Restaurant

Dear Chef,


I would love 10 minutes of your time today.  Maybe before our weekly mgt meeting. 3PM? I would simply like to discuss clarity with regard to task expectations going forward.
You will be interested to know that I met with a very respected restaurant consultant the other day, a fellow MRA board member, as I plan “our” restaurant future and he completely agreed, and espoused, a theory I have long held.
His exact words were; 


“There only exists 1 in 500 people who have the brain capacity to excel in both creative and organizational tasks”


(It has something to do with the truly creative ones—like you—being genius, and that part of the brain is way dominant to be able to remember everything like YOU do)
(Interesting too, that he says the genius mind is also most often prone to ADHD and therefore there is an inclination to “medicate” to control the roll!) (Where was I? Puff puff)  Oh yea…


Anyway, my real point is, I have NEVER known one of those 500 people in my career, and that’s why I have finally come to the conclusion that if you expect ONLY ONE person to be able to MASTER both, you/I am setting up for failure.  You/I/we cannot expect what cannot be done.  It is unfair.  And I am sorry I have not figured out the answer until now.  (although it was my theory all along, for years, I am only now changing my future strategy to allow for the reality)  In watching you operate like “the white tornado” for the past two years, the picture that was once out of focus, has become crystal clear.


In closing, I love your genius, and as long as you are with me, I would like to continue to create the system that allows for your genius to flourish.  I hope this works for you.  My guess; Your head is sore from pounding it against the wall for so long.

See you at 3PM.  Or 3.15.  3.30 works too. Hey, how about I come get you…

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