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Note:  I have not yet written about our trip to beloved Estonia, and the culinary relevance of this incredible place near Latvia.  On the Baltic Sea.  West of Russia.

I will, as there is so much to write about…but in the meantime, my next column in Merrimack Valley Magazine will chronicle much.

(It is amazing how being away for more than two weeks, and upon return noting that everything is great, normal and without need of my input makes you feel both successful and unimportant all at once!)


So…todays lesson plan is…

Glass Breakage, good ideas, great ideas, and raising the bar!

Glass breaks alot in restaurants.  It is already fragile.  And we use quality stuff, to maintain a better image.  ( note: even more expensive!)  And then, we are in a hurry.  And things are wet.  (Or greasy)  We bump into each other in our haste.  Things fall over.  Or off shelves.

Sooo, to help make staff aware of breakage costs, and to implore more caution after noting over $100.00 per week of breakage for 4 consecutive weeks, I suggested managers create a graphic of a $10 bill, the cost of a martini glass.  (10 glasses broken = $100) and have staff hang one on the memo wall each time they break a glass.

This is the part I love!  Management took the idea one step further and chose teams, and inspired the winning team with prizes, creating competition.  And peer pressure.  And accountability. And fun in goal achievement.

How great is that!?

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