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Restaurant people as a rule, don’t do a whole lot more than restaurant.  It’s a crazy dynamic.  Of course, when we/they choose to go out, they go out often to other restaurants like the rest of the GP, so that’s not so weird, but that puts us/them in restaurants almost all of the time.

We/they love what we do.  If not, it would be a crazy line of work to embrace.  It’s demanding nature is well chronicled.  So, after a 12 hour day, 3 more hours at a bar having drinks or a bite to eat…you get the picture….15 hours…

And getting them to find the time to do something else, and then, to do something not food related?  Good luck!  (Admission; My staff at Cobblestones has, on occasion, rallied the troops for some midnight bowling)

This Sunday, we are throwing a party for restaurant people.  It is the kick off party for Restaurant Showcase Weeks (8/28-9/11) and it was designed to celebrate the hard working “idiots” in our business.  (Me, being one of the head idiots)  Free food (THANKS TO SYSCO FOODS AND MOONSTONES), free drinks (thanks to sponsors HAMMER AND SICKLE VODKA and SAM ADAMS BEER), live music and a drink making competition.

So, here is your case in point–4 paragraphs later!  For starters, only 20 of 50 or more restaurants are participating at all, in restaurant week.  The cost is a mere $200.00 for the associated publicity and organization.  Yet, these remaining restaurant owners CANNOT find the time to recognize how much these promotions mean to their businesses.  (unless you’re Fishbones who says “We don’t need more business”  (haha..good for them I suppose..))

And, on top of that…Only 6 of the 20 are taking part in the Sunday party thus far.  I will edit this post if that changes, but… “seriously guys?”  A chance to treat your staff to a free party, in their honor, and compete for the BAR STAR prize of Best Cocktail which gets featured in every restaurant for the week, and you can’t find the time or inclination?

Deb Belanger–head of the organizing GMVCVB asked me last night; “How the hell am I supposed to get in touch with you people?” (See the website for details)  Deb…you have to actually go to the kitchen.  That’s where everyone is “hanging out!”  (We only answer the phone if you are a “buyer”–translated–making a reservation!)

FYI…Because the above is true, and because the 1st rule of Hospitality is Sanity…COBBLESTONES is closed all week, through Saturday, for “Holiday”, while the hardest working, most hospitable, most attentive, most guest dedicated, most accurate staff in the Merrimack Valley rests and relaxes; a hard earned break to precede the busiest time of year ahead.

And I can say that without fear of offending other restaurant folk.  They’ll never read it!

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