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This Saturday night, a house full (mine) of fine folks celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of my in laws; Sally (Murphy) Moynihan aka “The Saint” and James, Jim, Jimmy, Big Jim, Red Moynihan.  It was a beautiful party, full of testimony, smiles, laughs, hugs and love.  It was catered, by the way, by Erin Mcmahon (and Chef-husband Brian!) and the food was amazing.  It was both weird and excellent to have someone else catering a party in my house.  Hire Erin if you want a catered affair with delicious food, great service, attentive and sweet staff members and a thorough, thoughtful job.  We invited old friends Erin and Brian to stick around and celebrate with us afterwards and at 2.30 a.m., Erin was still clearing glasses and wiping counter tops!

I digress.  Back to the blog at hand!  I am not saying that 50 years is easy.  The numbers don’t lie.  For starters, you have to live that long!  My own 25 “in the books” is testimony to the love, sacrifice, humor, patience, forgiveness and commitment required to stay together that long, and we are only half way there.  But, truth be told, for Jim and Sally it must have been easier than most.

For 25 years I have been family, and I could not possibly describe in full the blessing I have received, the lessons I have learned, or the beauty that I have witnessed as the result of the single smartest decision I have ever made.  (25+ years ago)  Both display the type of infectious, positive attitude that we shyould all be so blessed to have.  They are grateful for all they have in their lives, kind and caring, generous and selfless- putting family and friends 1st all of the time.

At around 1 a.m., after just about all of the “q tips” had departed EXCEPT for Jim and Sal,  leaving just 8 of us “younger folk” sitting around the table, we asked Sally; “What is the secret to 50 years?”

Her response;

“You have to be friends”

“And you have to be considerate to one another and you have to have fun together”

and then, in true form, she pulled out one of her best friend of 50 years many favorite quotes;

“And, through the years,we have gone dancing 3 nights a week.  He goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I go Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays”

Obviously, a sense of humor helps!  If you don’t know Jim and Sally, then you don’t know just the about the best people anywhere, that said without romantic exaggeration.  And if you DO know them, you know exactly what I am saying.

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