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As I blogged just recently, and for those who are familiar with our restaurants, we have been supporters, fans, advocates, etc for The Greater Lowell Boys and Girls Club for years.

Good for us.  That’s not’s simply, a (very) light self-pat on the back for supporting our community–a community that has never stopped supporting us and making our gesture in-kind possible.

But, check this out.  Through the incredible generosity of The Demoulas Foundation (another organization that has received years of community support, and chooses to give back) for every $500.00, up to $100,000 raised this year on behalf of the Boys and Girls club will be matched…100%!  That’s correct.  If “we” raise $100,000 on behalf of this great, and need based organization who spends every dollar donated for the betterment of Lowell’s less privileged children, Demoulas will MATCH THAT $100,000.  That’s pretty amazing.

But, here is something that I think is equally as amazing.  Yesterday, I send out a pledge letter to my fellow board members from The Massachusetts Restaurant Asscociation.  A large group of members dedicated to our/my industry, and who themselves advocate accordingly.  Then, beginning within an hour of my email last night, close to midnight, and all day today, pledges have been rolling in.  $100.  $200.  $500. and so on.  Those who couldn’t afford to pledge the whole $500.00 rallied together and pooled their donations to secure the grant-match.  Remarkable.  Beyond the simple and obvious part–that giving is right and a beautiful thing–Besides a couple of our favorite vendors, do you know how many of these pledges came from members who are from Lowell, live in Lowell, are involved with the surrounding towns or are folks who receive support specifically from the Lowell community?  Not one.  From the Cape, yes–From Boston, South of Boston, The North Shore…

Thank you all, so very much.  Today as much as ever, I am proud to be one of you.

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