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Have you ever gone out to eat with a bunch of restaurant staff members?

Yesterday, one of our all time most-awesome staff members, Danielle Conroy, got married in the cutest ever Falmouth church, before throwing a great reception-party at the Flying Bridge restaurant in Falmouth Harbor.

And, in no surprise given the camraderie of our staffs, 10 co workers made the drive south and stayed over night, to celebrate Danielle and “new” husband John.  They all looked beautiful, and so happy to be there.

The reception was amazing, in the “better” maintained function hall. (upstairs)  A view of the boats and water, great food, outdoor seating…everything you need for a great time.  I was only disappointed that we had to leave to attend a 2nd wedding at our restaurant, Moonstones.

But downstairs was another story!  As we arrived early in the main part of the restaurant, the 1st floor bar and dining room, I couldn’t help but notice how very dirty the carpeting was.  I even remarked to Kathy that it must be the result of heavy traffic during summer, and wondered if they changed the carpet each year.  (I’m guessing no, because it was almost gross)

As we spotted other staff members at the bar, we joined, only to be told less than two minutes later (in a rather annoyed tone) by our off duty chef who was attending the wedding; “Check out the food sitting under the heat lamp.  Someone needs to deliver that shit“.  Other staff members concurred; Quick to notice slacking restaurant service standards.

We next ordered Bloody Marys.  Kathy did not receive a cocktail napkin with her wet glass, and inquired to anyone listening; “May I have a cocktail napkin?”.  Our staff member sitting closest to Kathy pointed out that there were none.  (I confirmed by checking 3 napkin caddies around the bar.  Each was empty!) Only a couple more minutes went by, when yet ANOTHER of my staff members motioned with her head that I should look up.  When I did, not only was there cob webs in the glass rack; but a big ‘ol spider adding to her home work.  I could go on.  The place was tired, dirty and poorly maintained.  Bulbs out, brass dull, dust around table bases, worn furniture….But!  If I were not sitting with restaurant people, I may have only noticed the carpet.  Maybe the napkin thing.  Ok, that’s bullshit.  I would have seen it all.  BUT HEY.  The drink was great and we had an amazing view of the harbor.

Just sayin’


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