Written by  ,     September 25, 2012     Posted in Business, Fun

A new pair of chef eyes, as you all know, has refreshed and vastly improved moonstones kitchen, as we are posting numbers NORTH of 20% grwoth over last year–an amazing number.  

And now, Chef Jean is at COBBLESTONES, doing what he does–noticing stuff that “old eyes” miss, while executing his “2nd to no one” culinary skills to our menu.

Now, here comes Earl Howard.  I was only looking for another full time manager to help prepare us for possible future growth, and Earl showed up for an interview.  Earl has a resume too long to include here, but fresh off his launching Wahlburgers, what he brings is so much more impressive–his energy and commitment to excellence–and sooo many ideas for “better”.   Earl was hired soon after our interview and quite honestly–if I could afford to retire and have  these guys forward my “pension” checks to a golf course somewhere–the restaurants would be in great hands!!!

Earl and Rob have effectively inspired the managers and staff to the point that now I cannot wait to walk into COBBLESTONES to see what has changed since the last time.  

Seriously…I can’t remember the last time I was so excited.  ”Keep an eye on this job”

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