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In Chicago for Kathy’s birthday weekend–the greatest gift possible; A weekend with her “off on their own” children–we ended up at a local pub, after a few excellent hours @ Farmhouse Tavern, where daughter #1 earns the rent!

As it sometimes does, the conversation turned to politics.  Being well educated, the girls support Obama–but we don’t need to go there. 🙂

And, somehow, re-cycling became the topic.  And here is the (basic, close enough, it was late) conversation:

“I don’t give a shit about re cycling” says one.
“What’s wrong with you” says the other
“It’s all bullshit” say the 1st one “It’s all about making us feel better about doing something.  There are people living in squalor, starving to death, and we re cycle.  Like that’s going to save the world.  It’s not.” 

“But it’s SOMETHING.  It’s doing SOMETHING, even if it’s a small part” says the re cycler-supporter
“It’s bullshit” says the more radical of the two.
“You’re practicing slack-tavism” says the calmer of the two.  “You complain about people not doing enough, but what are YOU doing”

(OK..she might not have said that directly, but, said it to me–as the radical one was a tad bit worked up.  (For the record, for whatever it may be worth, she does, actually, re cycle.  She just wants everyone to know that there are much, much bigger issues we could be dedicating resources to.)

I guess I agree with both of them. 

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