FOUR MORE YEARS..of beers!

Written by  ,     November 12, 2012     Posted in Fun, Restaurant

This blog is not really intended either as a promotional vehicle, and definitely NOT a political one.  The whole concept of arguing politics kind of cracks me up.  It’s healthy debate I am sure, but it seems to me recently to be much more: “Yes you did.”  ”No I didn’t.”  ”Yessir.”  ”Uh uh.” “Jerk.” “Rebublican.”  ”Kiss my blue ass”, etc. What’s the point of debate if there is no chance for common ground?

Anyway, I digress.

I had some fun for the election–I avoid the argument for the most part– Truth is, neither side has the answer to the biggest question everyone wants to talk about.  Not me.  I’m too shallow for that.

If I had been elected…cheese-food burgers and beers for all Americans! 

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