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Not many things I have written for years, in blogs, in columns, in emails, has been all that important.  Some mildly important, some funny, some insanely stupid.

In a somewhat related parable, for years after I moved to Lowell, there was very little that impressed me, or moved me.  Until Gary Camacho’s dad finished building his very own plane, after years, and then crashed on its maiden flight.  He was badly burned over most of his body, but survived.  Months later, when I joined family and friends at The Lowell Elks for a fundraiser for my friends dad, the line to get in the door was a 1/2 mile long.  In a place that maybe holds 500 people, twice that showed up.  I cried some that night, touched by so much spirit–and maybe, for the very 1st time, understood completely what “being from here” is all about.  That night, someone said, “This is what we do.”

Boston Strong.

This blog is written tonight for a single purpose–To help Celeste and Sydney Corcoran afford new legs and to help others who suffer similar tragedies, to replace legs lost when bombs explode, like the one near Celeste and Sydney at last year’s Boston Marathon.  Two legs gone, in a split second.  Smiles to tears and fears and anger and confusion and shock and disbelief.  In a wheelchair, dependant upon others, Celeste’s world rocked for absolutely no reason at all.  For standing and cheering and celebrating life.

They seek $50,000.00.  We need $50,000.00.  We need you.  To support this cause, to help the runners; “Team Corcoran” who will run the marathon this year in honor of Celeste and Sydney.

Boston strong?  The Corcoran family is touting this fundraiser at COBBLESTONES on March 30th, as a celebration.  Celebrating progress, and the future, healing and refusing to be daunted.  That’s way more than strong in my world.  That’s like, monumntal, hero-worship type shit.

Sunday, March 30th.  Step up.





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