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Just back from the wedding of smitten Clint Lagasse and love-struck Nicole Thurston– she being the daughter of very close friends, Garrett and Lisa, I have to say it was one of the best weddings ever.  It probably would have been no matter what–given the obvious love and great cheer shared by the new couple, but the planning made for an even more special occasion.

(Except for my foraged, (toxic) chestnuts that tasted bitter-nasty enough to spit out after a 2nd bite and search Google for chestnut impostors, before possibly dying or, heading to the ceremony…Aha! “Horse Chestnuts.”  Beware.  NOT the same thing, despite looking very much like the “roasting on an open fire” dealio!  Close call…as I waited the 16 hours that Google said it would take for symptoms to become evident)

So…back to the wedding. The whole event, so carefully planned, was staged in Wells Maine amid misty trees changing color, held at On the Marsh–a stunning farmhouse/restaurant/wedding-perfect property–so beautiful that the growing, heavy mist-kind-of-actually-rain that fell before and during the ceremony seemed to dampen nobodies spirits–including Ginger, the Saint Bernard-Ring bearer!  That’s right…the self proclaimed goofy bride and groom included their two dogs in the ceremony, standing proudly by, tails wagging in earnest, as ushers continually wiped down the folding chairs as each of the 116 guests were seated.

Clint and Nicole chose a beautiful setting, a terrific “program” with an outdoor vista facing marsh and woods complemented by a honey-voiced acoustic duo (that’s right, NO organ!), only one “special dance” inside, before dining in the award winning restaurant (Billy Costa and TV Diner don’t give out too many Platinum Plates), as restaurant speakers serenaded with a playlist filled with groovy-love-cool music, a tasty reception specialty drink (Bulleit Bourbon, something else and something else and lime…), incredible wine, and, food that was actually amazing…served from chafing dishes.  No, seriously, don’t laugh.  It is absolutely easy to serve mediocre-to-good food on a buffet.  It is however, quite difficult to serve incredible food from a sitting, steaming metal pan.  Short ribs, duck confit, root vegetables, brussels in brown butter, mac n cheese….a foodee event, for sure, with Marvin Gaye crooning “Let’s Get it on.”

Oh, and donuts for dessert! All kinds, homemade, served back downstairs in the lounge-reception-bar area, moving people from the tables to the dance floor.

And gratefully for me…no chestnuts served anywhere!

A memorable weekend indeed.  Cheers to a beautiful couple!


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  1. nancye tuttle says:

    On the Marsh is awesome…we went their for our anniversary dinner this year and couldn’t have been happier. Sounds like a great wedding!

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