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The last leg of my South East Asian journey brings me to Koi Samoi (K’oh Sam-wee), a “trending” Island South east of Bangkok and mainland Thailand.  The “puddle jumper” from Phuket, in stark contrast to the older and more family-oriented Phuket crowd, was filled with party people, hipsters, back packers, and one nut named Antony who spoke 4 languages plus “can I crash with you at your hotel.”  No comprendo, dude!

I just found out that the island was under Marshall law until recently, following a failed political coup!  Now THAT would make for more interesting photos than scooters, palm trees and street markets.  Of course, it would also conflict with my thus-far impression that Thailand is filled with peaceful, harmonious folk–the kind that don’t try to overthrow the government.

Oh, and did I mention, Happy Hour is a thing over here.  Real live drink specials–at noon (when people need to avoid the ridiculous heat), and early evening (when people need to again avoid the ridiculous heat) and, late night, when people recover form a day in the…

So, it’s hot.  (Cab drivers hand you a damp, ice cold, hand towel that smells like lemongrass, to wipe your face, when you get in.  So do restaurant waiters, hotel concierges, tour operators….That hot.)

Time for breakfast.  Guaranteed there will be…mango, pineapple, papaya, pomelo, white-tea with ginger and lemongrass, glass noodles with shrimp, chile peppers…. (more heat!)


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