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This summer at a farmer’s market a couple hundred miles away, the sea salt lady repping Mermaid Farm in Tisbury Massachusetts was also selling some real cool stone plates–the type you might find as a cheese platter, at a restaurant, say, like moonstones.  They were really sharp.  I asked her if she crafted them to which she explained, that the stone is actually sourced from her farm, but crafted by a dude in…Lowell Massachusetts!  Small world, great works.  American Stonecraft

Last night, still stuffed aptly like a thanksgiving turkey, I caught up on the HBO series, The Leftovers.  As a doomed character pleaded for her life, she claimed to be someone other than the intended victim;  “I am not Patty!  I am from Lowell Massachusetts!”

Even in Hollywood, Lowell continues to get shout-outs!

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