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So, I teased in the last post of the return “home for the holidays” of celebrity Chef Abe Conlon, the co founder and co star behind Chicago’s Fat Rice.  Home is Lowell.

After appearances at cool-like-that Tres Gatos in Boston (co-founded by a Lowell native, Keith Harmon!) and the exclusive International country club, Abe will join COBBLESTONES on Saturday night, December 17th. Upon the recommendation of his rightfully-proud Dad, Paul Conlon,  Abe launched his career with us.  At 17 years old in our 2nd year in business (over 20 years ago!) Abe trained under our founding chef, the late Ed Zaranski.  Eddie had a soft spot for Abe and he saw his great potential. They were similar men–tall, focused, serious but good humored, quietly impassioned and committed to the craft.  

Ed stuck to the basics–French technique and training, applied to excellent American based comfort–Just what Lowell needed at the time.  Consequently, Abe continued his training before ultimately following his Macau calling. We visited Fat Rice a couple of years ago and fell in love with Abe’s restaurant and their amazing food.  The casual and funky environment combined with a menu full of the unique and unexpected; precise and intensely prepared but served without fuss or pretense.  Simply great.

If you ever get to Chicago, Fat Rice is worth a visit to Logan Square.  If you can get in.

On Saturday December 17th, Chef Abe will prepare a small sampling with our chefs from both Fat Rice and his new cookbook; That night’s dinner special will be Galinha a Africana- Roasted chicken with spicy peanut-coconut sauce, Fat Rice’s Linguica and Macau rice crisp with nori and powdered pork jerky.  The sampling special will be $25.00, with a side option of Abe’ cookbook!  (Dinner and a book, $50)

Abe will then join the dining room where he will meet and greet guests and sign any copies, which I believe makes a great Christmas gift! 

I have already purchased three–for my adventurous, and sentimental, who will receive them on Christmas morning.

The Adventures of Fat Rice

Just sayin.

Reservations are recommended.  The book is $35.00 for each signed copy, without dinner.

We’d love to see you, as always.

Reservations; 978.970.2282.





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  1. admin says:

    Abe rocks!

  2. Brian says:

    Why aren’t you advocating for metered parking on Arcand drive bordering Cobblestones? Now that drivers can take a right onto Merrimack St 2 lanes from Dutton to Arcand Dr aren’t needed. The city could also put in a curb extension at corner of Merrimack-Dutton-Arcand to make it easier to walk to Ladd-Whitney island.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you Brian. Sorry for just catching this. Great suggestions.

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