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As COBBLESTONES readies to reopen tomorrow, as annual maintenance week wraps up today, on a perfectly rare dreary maintenance type day (We have had such an excellent summer!*), I’m reminded of so many maintenance related issues to blog about.

(Including, is it possible to write an interesting blog about maintenance??!)

For starters, thank you to all the staff that came in during their “vacation week” to participate in all those things we define as “deep cleaning”–the things that are so difficult to achieve throughout the year amidst being open (7) days a week, from morning until late night.  Restaurant guests don’t appreciate the smell of paint and degreaser and polyurethane and Windex and…  Thank you William–the guy behind the pressure washer. And Chris, the walls “scuff scout” and brass  polisher and bar stool feet replacer. Thank you Haley, she of the Magic Eraser and Brittany and Tyler and Heather and…for scrubbing above and below and behind, to John Leahy the painter and Big Jim Moynihan for opening and closing and shagging more supplies!  The place is sparkling–you are all so appreciated!

I am so weirdly enthusiastic about the whole maintenance thing!  Brand new shiny bar floors!  Yes.  A new paint color in the bar–our 3rd in 23+ years.  (Can you recall the original paint color, ala Dutton St Grille?  Hint; Think Pink Panther)  I am excited (and a little sacred) about the new lighting design in the bar–our 1st such change since we inherited those now dated, someday retro, Tiffany style domes.  They MIGHT be for sale by the way…

I’ll never forget going to one of my first restaurant auctions, over 20 years ago.  Jimmy’s IV had closed, and I went lookin to score plates and whatever else might work for our still-new restaurant.  When we entered the kitchen, where all the equipment had been removed from the walls, I was repulsed by both the smell and the exposure of all the built up grease, and rotten food and general nastiness that had been ignored for so long.  It nearly turned my stomach and I remember thinking then how our environment will NEVER be so neglected.  And despite all equipment on wheels and quick-disconnect from gas lines, the week we shut down each year ensures that we can bring the entire environment back to “brand new!”

Of course, losing 6 days of sales is not easy–and made even more burdensome by the money we spend on keeping it fresh and paying staff who need the income while we are closed-but we catch up eventually and it’s worth it in the end.  And Folk Festival each year is a big help.  In fact, without The Lowell Folk Festival each July, and the financial boost it provides in the middle of a Lowell summer, we cpuldn’t afford to refresh the way we do each year.  So, THANK YOU NPS, Lowell Parks and Lowell and folks…. What a great summer!*

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