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Standing in the closet, the black Stevie Wonder tee, beneath a black patterned shirt, beneath a black vest and over dark jeans felt right for Friday night.

Cobblestones 1st, more of a bar night and lots of happy folks.  I said hello to some friends, bounced between bar and kitchen where the food looked truly amazing, visited Vee in the dining room with her (10) giddy friends celebrating her birthday IN STYLE, ordering almost everything from the menu.  Man, I just love that girl’s spirit!  Is she of Cambodian or Vietnamese descent I wondered.  Cambodian I think… Cinnamon frosted glasses full of Stoli Vanilla topping Pumpkin beer complementing roast chickens and braised short ribs!!  I love the Cambodians.  The Vietnamese too.  I love birthdays.  And Fall.

I headed to moonstones.  Packed.  Yessir, fall is in the air…and I was skippy.

A dear friend and former co-board member was dining with her new boss, the regional director of Burton’s.  Nice company.  We chatted and they went back to their dumplings and spring pea ravioli.  ”When do the beet raviolis come back?” she asked, in the cutest demanding way imaginable.  ”Soon! ”

As I walked away I spotted a table of (3) gentlemen sitting in front of a bunch of half finished dishes.  They were sitting back like they were finished.  It was odd.  So, I stopped by.

“How is everything gentlemen?” I asked.  All (3) looked up, with, like, no response. Zero.  ”Is everything ok here?” I pressed.  Slight nods, very slight, and I detected some confusion, being the trained “professional” that I am!  I looked down, as maybe one guy did, and maybe, I thought, they don’t like Stevie Wonder.  Ridiculous.  Who doesn’t like Stevie Wonder.  OR…maybe, I thought….

“I am the owner.   Maybe the jeans and the tee is throwing things off a bit?  Just checking in with you fellas”

The elder of the (3) smiled huge.  ”Are you Scott?!” he said with a thick accent from…was it Germany?  Norway?  Sweden?

“Yessir, I am.  How is everything here?  Sorry to look like some random guy stopping by tables.”  Still beaming, he clapped his hands together, reminiscent of my late Hebrew grandfather when he got excited.

“You get-eet” emphasizing the “T” in “it.” “You really, really get eet!”

He was thrilled to be there, everything was great, they were taking a breather, they just “love it here,” “the staff is amazing,”, “the food is delicious…”

I skipped along on my way, thinking maybe a blazer would have been a better choice than the vest.  Oh well.

Man do I love the Germans-Norwegians-Swedes!  And especially when they love me… and they clap.   Did I mention that I love fall?  And Friday nights!

On to Saturday…


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