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Weekends are great.

Great business during Sunday brunch at both of our restaurants, led to (one) great football game to cap things off.  I first spent a short amount of time at moonstones Sunday morning, marveling at (but abstaining from!) the pastry chef’s oval football version of our weekly bourbon-caramel donut, complete with homemade marshmallow-fluff laces.  Topped with sugared bacon, “The Pigskin Donut” was a great  and fun nod to later-football.

I then joined Cobblestones for the following couple of extremely busy hours and a packed house with, apparently, a very excellent and popular musician.  Towards the end of brunch I was touched to hear long-time guest, the former Miss Massachusetts Latoyia Jackson (One of the very 1st to make our wall of fame!), now TV newscaster Latoyia Edwards,  describe in front of her beautiful family how it was at Cobblestones that she had her 1st blind date with now husband Jesse.  They both smiled remembering how both were smitten from the onset, the initial spark occurring in front of our lobby fireplace!  Love that shit.

The weekend kicked off for me in Boston Friday night with two other couples of “old” friends and many laughs.  One, maybe the funniest guy I know, joked that Brady’s finger injury was the healing of the sixth finger he had sewed on to hold the next ring!  (His wife accurately predicted he would repeat that line multiple times throughout the night)  We were in town to redeem our collective Christmas gifts to the wives:  Tickets to an excellent Janis Joplin concert-play-biopic at the Shubert theater, starring a bunch of incredible singers and musicians, including lead hippy-guitarist Alexander Prezzano, son of Merrimack Valley Magazine’s owner/publisher, Glen Prezzano.  What a great show!

After the show, we had a few more laughs as we watched a large group of apparent theater people eating dinner at Rockbottom Brewery, as none of the others in that party told one older gentleman, that he had cole slaw hanging from his chin the whole time.  “Go tell him Scotty.  He’ll thank you.” my funny friend urged.  Turns out that it was the world famous ballet dancer, Mikhail Berishnakov.  Who knew.  It wouldn’t have mattered…I couldn’t do it. 

Side note:  I will now follow our daughter’s advice and swear off Uber and use Lyft for future rides.  “Better business practices and they care about their drivers.”  Friday night was the 2nd time in (3) months we tried to use Uber, that the driver never showed, then charged us $5.00 fee upon cancellation “to compensate the driver for their time,” when we were forced to take a cab.   Suddenly Uber cares so much about their drivers?  Maybe because so many are moving to Lyft. Its great to look out for staff, but not ahead of guests, when you make a mistake, and not when its disingenuous.  That’s just bad business.  Just sayin.’


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