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It’s a shame that our beautiful, charitable event is being marred by PayPal as there is apparently no desire to override their decision to charge 3% on all monies processed to support our No Kid Hungry dinner.  PayPal chooses to profit from the generosity of the rest of us as we try to bring an end to childhood hunger.  While we raised over $32,000–40% above last year’s raise and the 2nd highest grossing restaurant amongst the (8) restaurants that participated, rather than perhaps donating to this incredible cause, or simply waiving their “cut,” after contacting PayPal twice, they have refused to refund (or donate!) the money they are keeping for themselves.  Shame on PayPal.  Pay, yes, pal, notsomuch.

Thank you again to all our generous sponsors, diners, chefs and participating restaurants, volunteers, staff and friends.  Next year, we will strive for the #1 position*, or at least a tie, with Worcester’s 111 Chophouse–this year’s greatest contributor to our noble cause.

And, we won’t be using PayPal.

**FYI, nearly half of the difference between #1 and #2 remains in the PayPal pockets.

(Thank you Dacey Zouzas and The Lowell Sun’s coverage for contributing coverage and promotion!!  We appreciate you!)

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