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It’s so much fun to sit in on staff pre meals–the all staff meeting that occurs before each meal service, to discuss specials for the evening, hot issues, a training refresher or two, etc.  And, pronunciations.

I love that the beloved (Latino) sous chef explains the soup du jour as: “Begetable with beans and topped with pasta and grated Romano cheese…”

And I love when one server in the room says: “Is it vegetarian?” (Yes) And another server says: “Is it vegan without the cheese?” (Yes) And another server says: “Can it be gluten free without the pasta?”  (Yes.  The pasta is added at the end, to insure both al dente and the ability to serve it gluten free)

And I love the way the special dessert (lemon meringue) is displayed on an oversized plate with a cookie tuile, fat raspberries, lemon curd and raspberry “paint.”

And I love that the sous chef pronounces the tuile as “ta-hoo-lie” (Because, duh, he’s Latin).  And I love that the staff wondered respectfully what the proper pronunciation was.  And, then, what a tuile (“tweel”) actually is.  (A wavy “tile” in French, that in culinary represents a wavy wafer.  Or cracker.  Often used to garnish a dessert.  Or soup.

And I love when pre meal is over, everyone jumps up with forks and samples all the specials, humming, mm-hmm’ing and, as one waiter comments on the “tartness” in the lemon buerre blanc–but pronounces, blank, rather than the correct French “blonk”,  the feisty expo teases: “It’s pronounced blonk.  Big dummy.”

Pre meal’s over.  Please go check your tables.

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