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Kudos to Boston Globe Magazine, for recognizing iconic Boston restaurants… while they are still in business!

Commonly, the focus is on the new restaurants–either in seeking them or promoting them.  Or, in the lament of those that finally relent due to exhaustion, or real estate costs, or plain old evolution and landsacpe change.  (We miss you Aujourd’hui, East Coast Grill, Hammersley’s…)

We surviving “dinosaurs” all too often get overlooked.  Not by our guests–who also get excited about new places (as do we!)–but they always come back to us, if “we” are doing our jobs–they keep us going!  And generally, when a restaurant is open for many years, like these noted in the article, they are doing a great job staying guest focused, quality focused and maybe also relevant through years of learning and creativity, promotion and most importantly, consistency.  Restaurants survive by meeting expectations.  They thrive, by exceeding them.  But also, with help and support–so welcome from all directions because the restaurant business is NEVER easy, and success should NEVER be taken for granted.   These iconic restaurants have successfully provided customers with excellent experiences, consistently for years.

Thank you Boston Globe, for recognizing them, for not taking them for granted, for giving them the respect they have worked so hard for so many years to achieve!  They are so very important to the community and to the reputation and legacy of the neighborhoods and folks they serve.

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