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And you all thought I’m just another “pretty” face! ūüôā

All I wanted was to promote our 10 year anniversary party and say thank you to the community for their support in delivering us to this milestone. ¬†Though those of you who know me know I am not afraid of some controversy–it was not my goal. ¬†But here we are. ¬†On the front page even. ¬†Seriously, Chelmsford town hall needs to lighten up a bit.

(And, just for the record–Building commissioner Mark Dupell is diligent in doing his job, just like me, and so many others. ¬†He could be more lax or lenient, yes, but it is the regs, not the man, that need to be made more friendly towards business in our opinion.)

Anyway…You are all invited! ¬†Thursday night, June 21st–Our 10 year “Kick off summer celebration” and thank YOU! ¬†Live music, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, from past and present menus!

Clikh here to join the party. ¬†We’d love to celebrate with you.

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