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That question is almost always answered with a “not much,” “nothing,” “same ol same ol,” and of course, the ever popular for the last couple of years (but can we move on?!!): “Livin’ the dream.”


Generally, what’s new is not much and not much interesting.  Hence, “Not much.”

But damn if our last couple of months haven’t been anything BUT “not much.”  And, no dream either.  COBBLESTONES was forced to separate with a chef who fell back into bad habits—the kind that result in lateness, sneaking out early, bad temperament, defense and deflection, too many far fetched excuses for poor behavior and lack of leadership.

We have recovered quickly, thanks to amazing leadership and managers (with GM Robin leading the “whatever it takes” mantra), a staff that mostly knows and does. Hopefully he recovers too.

Then we lost a beloved manager to illness, and another to, well, exhaustion!?  It was time!  Our great friend and twice-manager, 11 year Kelli R succumbed to the draw of daytime hours and more energy for the new family!  We get it.  We love her anyway.

And, welcome to our team, those worthy and dedicated and new, who have stepped up and stepped in to keep these two “giant” ships sailing at our great and steady course.  There is ALWAYS someone ready to step up!  That’s how we do.  Next batter.  Its so much a pattern and expected result that I no longer feel “crushed” as I did for so many years–when someone moves on.

Stay tuned as we look to set an all time Folk Festival attendance record!  Come one come all.  T minus 97 hours til party time!!  More details to come…along with our “contract” employees from Chicago (3), Brooklyn/Manhattan (6), Cape Cod (2), returning staff (a couple dozen!)…

Still jammin’ in our 25th year!  Bring it.

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