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Tonight’s Harvest Moon wine dinner at moonstones marks the end of summer, and, our summer long 10 year anniversary celebration.  (The actual next harvest moon is Monday, but, folks don’t like Monday wine dinners.  We’ve learned.)  FYI, Two late cancellations have left 4 seats left!  Call quick if if you want them:  978.256.7777.

Before I ramble on, thank you to all our guests for this amazing milestone, to our staff, the vendors, the farmers, the grapes, the moon, the sea….We are so blessed!

Wine dinners are fun for us.  They break up some of the monotony of long hours and set menus.  It speaks to our creativity.  It allows us to color outside the lines—something I strongly believe is a predominant trait of restaurant professionals.  (That and we often really suck at the whole school-sit-at-a-desk thing!)

Over the past few days, I have traveled to The Grey Barn in Chilmark (shout out to Chelsea!) for the indescribably incredible (and difficult-to-find) Bluebird bleu cheese for Chef Adam’s cheese fondue (for the short rib) to Shaw Farm in Dracut for fresh cream for the homemade ricotta cheese and the pastry chef’s cereal milk panna cotta.  To Brox Farm and Farmer Dave’s “special guest star” late summer corn for, well, like every course.  The manager’s shot down my idea of calling the dinner: Miso Corny.  (I am, its true)

Probably, Harvest Moon is better.  But, corn is going to be omnipresent tonight—in many forms!

Thank you so much to those who delivered!  Our great and amazing friends at Mill City Grows, whose “aromatic celery” filled the kitchen last night as the stock simmered,  “Farmer” Elizabeth @ The Fat Moon mushroom farm for our 3rd course (Think homemade raviolis and mushroom butter brood!) and to Horne Family Farms—who will be represented in the Farmer’s Salad and atop most of the courses in the form of Farmer Chris’ micro greens—his passion!

And, of course, we didn’t have to go too far for the fresh mint to balance the harissa oil in the 1st course of Sea Scallop in Dracut Corn bisque–thanks to Botanist/Herbalist Scott Stacey who keeps our patios both bountiful and beautiful!

We are so excited for tonight—I was receiving pictures from chef late last night:  “A labor of love,” “Ravioli school,” etc as he and the crew prepped for tonight.

If you bought a ticket, you will be blown away!  (Menu below)

**The wine will be great too.  We chose those weeks ago as we debated whether we should match the wine to chef’s food, or, chef should match his food to the wine!  We chose the latter…this time.

We can’t wait to hear what you think.

A labor of love

A labor of love


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  1. Kathy says:

    I’m sorry I had to miss it. Sounds delish!!

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