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So, Mary and Kathy scored tickets to Oprah—they weren’t originally going together.  Mom wasn’t feeling well.  After the show, they went to Cobblestones, naturally.  That’s what they often do even when they haven’t attended a show down the street.  Then they did what sisters often do after a show, before ordering drinks in the bar.

Kathy was in the stall, as Mary was doing things at the sink.  Kathy heard Mary say, “Oh, hey, hi Oprah” cool-like Mary be.  Kathy from the stall: “Shut up.  Oprah is not in the bathroom.”

Not Mary: “Oh yes she ii’is” in a sing-songy voice that sounded very much like Oprah.  Astounded, Kathy started wrapping up business—she needed to see for herself.  “I am not in the bathroom with Oprah!?”

And then, from the stall next to her:

“And now…you can tell your friends you peed with Oprah.”

True story.

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