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It’s fun to occasionally “spy” on guests and staff. Incognito, with a beer behind the taps or with a computer, and ears, open.  I learn so much!

Mostly good, occasionally things that need addressing and then, sometimes I hear something that feels great!

Today, the last (6) beautiful people in the dining room were leaving–dressed for either work or a holiday celebration, the men wearing scarves, all sporting great shoes and carrying individual gifts–wine bottles and such.

At the doorway, a he said to one of the women, “Thank you so much for planning this.” One of the other women chimed in: “Seriously, this place is much more beautiful than I expected.” And he said “It really is, and considering…” and before he finished, the planner woman said: “It’s Lowell, I know, I get that a lot.” And they all politely chuckled, maybe feeling a “little wrong.” We get that a lot too.  But it’s what we do–and we love it.

If you don’t know, now you know.

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