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I don’t necessarily enjoy that phrase–I believe wholeheartedly in freedom of the press. But false is false.

Cobblestones owners DO NOT “WANT OUT” contrary to the false representation of yesterday’s Lowell Sun’s salacious headlines. It’s sort of ironic that on Valentines Day–while hundreds of our guests and fans were sharing love with our restaurants, the LOWELL SUN broke that story that mislead people to think that Kathy and I are planning an exit strategy due to the pending Lowell High School project…in 2021!

As background, on Wednesday, we sent “CONFIDENTIAL” letters to all Lowell City Councilors and the City Manager–as official follow up to (3) previous meetings at City Hall–stating our position and our concerns “FOR THE RECORD” as plans for the LHS concptual plans move beyond the conceptual stage! It was disaapointing to us that THE LOWELL SUN called us at 8:30 the next morning, seeking further statement on the (confidential) letter, that they (somehow) had a copy of–less than 24 hours after we sent them. What the… (Aside from leaks at Lowell High School, it appears there’s at least one at City Hall! Just sayin…)

We refused comment. We asked respectfully that the writer wait until all councilors had an opportunity to read our letter, and have it addressed at the meeting. The LOWELL SUN chose not to wait, and then, manipulated our position in the headlines. (The actual article was well written and quoted our letter liberally–OUR WORDS.)

The TRUTH is, we have been urging the City Manager and councilors to COLLABORATE with us, to save and preserve this 25 year shining example of economic success in downtown. For YOU, for US, for our 50 employees. For LOWELL–where successful business should NEVER be taken for granted. THAT is the story.

We remain hopeful that the City–about to manage a project in the hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars, can put those collective, intelligent leadership skills together to address Cobblestones of Lowell’s legacy. We’ve presented many ideas to the City. And we’ve seen enough in our 25 years here that, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

We remain hopeful, and appreciate all their kind WORDS at last night’s council meeting–we know we are appreciated. That said, words don’t keep seats filled and don’t pay the bills. Stay tuned…and PLEASE keep sharing that love!! We’d be lost without you!

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