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Every Easter and Mother’s Day, for our giant Charcuterie (Salumi and Cheese) display on annual holiday brunch buffets, I order Kumquats. Why? First and foremost, they are brightly colored and add pop! to the table. Secondly, they are fun—both to say and to chomp down on—wondering what level of tart will present. “Surprise! I’m a kumquat!” And, finally—they are one of those things that create curiosity—the uncommon that keeps people interested in trying new things and sharing experiences with others, and us.

I have always treated the restaurants as so much more than the obvious—food, beverage, hospitality—but also places for fun and discovery. Wild Game promotions (nothing creates more curiosity and conversation than a whole rattlesnake on the grill!), locally brewed craft beers way before they were the norm, Lobster-Palooza (because lobster rocks summer)…those things that provide “surprise and delight.”

At moonstones, the salt block tuna, the flaming pig chorizo, the steam basket-ed dumplings and the cheese stones, cultivated from New England farms, represent a few ways that we like to present just a little differently.

(Of course, management and staff have shuddered once or twice—“here he goes again” but honestly—this business is so much fun and we love to keep finding ways to live up to a 25 year reputation of being just a little different than the same ‘ol same ‘ol.)

So, if you want some kumquats with your eggs Benedict and carved lamb this Easter Sunday—a few reservations remain.

Cobblestones 978.970.2282 moonstones 987.256.7777

We’d love to see you!

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