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Man, and another one gone…

All Papa Gino’s, another Outback (and Bonefish)(and Carrabbas), another British Beer Company, Noodles, over 50 Chipotles (true story!), another Applebees…and now Friendly’s! The Fribble being replaced by the Shake in Shack. Hakuna matata. The last time I wrote about restaurant closings, it was independents and icons in the Boston and NYC markets. But, those national, deep pocketed chains are in trouble too. “It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder…”

As Cobblestones plans its 25 year anniversary (You’re so invited! Friday June 7th, 6pm until Robin kicks us out!) it really, truly makes me appreciate this amazing milestones as I continuously read about the last to bite the dust. I mean, Papa Ginos? Bless their success and all with the Hut, and Regina, and Dominos, and Sals and every other guy seemingly named Gino or Sal. Or Yiannis. The world of pizza competition is FIERCE!

Outback had their run. They were fun for a minute. But please don’t sit next to me in the booth while you take my order. Let’s be friends…later. And I never understood the whole Bloomin Onion thing–and digging into that big greasy mess. No thanks. Some nice, crisp (individual) rings are my personal groove.

I never got the BBC either, honestly. Dark, foreboding pubs with mediocre food works in Britain–and Disney. And, when authentic. I’m guessing The Yardhouse is the new BBC. The circle of life continues.

Noodles? I went once. That was enough. Same with Applebees. I can’t.

But Friendly’s…Ain’t no passing phase. Founded in 1935?! Whoa. That’s some serious success. I’m sad. I guess its time, but, I was a small part of that thing. In the 80’s. My 2nd dishwashing job at age 14 and damn were those Patty Melts were good. (Almost as good as the whippets in the cooler. Shh.) I haven’t actually been to a Friendly’s in a (very) long time–but I’m thinking I could have maybe helped revive them?! Fribbles get replaced by house-made custard. Keep the Patty Melt. Add a bar…

Alas, times are tough for my suffering restaurant brethren. Keep us in your prayers…

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