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Have you ever noticed the frequency of beautiful sunsets in Lowell?

I’m not sure if it’s vantage or something else. I have a theory that they are related to the river–be it reflections or moisture in the air–what do I know…

Other than, very often, I’m in downtown, or on The Lowell Connector, and am looking West at the most amazing skies.

Last week, on a return from a weekend with friends on the Saco River, and a beautiful drive over/through/on the Kancamagus Hwy, we were approaching Lowell from the east on Rte 110–known locally as “The Boulevard.” Sad to having left the mountains, but happy to be heading home and looking at a beautiful, pink-orange and mottled sky over the mills coming into view. Not to be a downer, but then I looked down and noticed from “bridge to bridge” the horribly overgrown trees, and weeds, broken cement, crooked and downed street signs, heaps of dirt–sand–cement…what a horrendous contrast to Mother Nature’s display. It must suck to be in charge of maintaining roads and barriers and landscaping in a city with no budget for such things. Sad.

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