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Kathy and I are back from some head-spinning travel, which was inspired by our daughter’s Master’s presentation at Goldsmith University in Southeastern London. You can read about that in my column in next month’s Merrimack Valley Magazine. (No pressure, but, I think its pretty good…)

And here, I will chronicle what I think you might find most interesting about the following (7) days in Portugal…once I get it sorted.

Digression: On London trains, relative to “crime-stoppers” initiative, instead of the American “See something, say something,” their PSA signs say; “See it. Say it. Sorted.” Cute, right?

OK, back to sorting….

In the days to come, please return for some further, expanded thoughts on Portugal, categorized roughly as: Porto: Incredible and incredibly cheap wines, fish, hills, tiles, sardines, port wines, pastel de nata, seafood never eaten before. Douro: More Port wines, bigger hills, more fish, some pork, morcilla, sleeping in a barrel, more port wine, strolling naked in a vineyard, Nazare: More hills, the world’s biggest wave surfed, that’s dried fish not beach chairs, more wine. Sintra: A must see vertical city, the steepest hills, please no more fish, the limitations of GPS. Lisbon: All of the above and a celebrity chef and the original Time Out and what an amazing city and the American Embassy, and LX Factory and, and…can’t wait to go back.

Please hold for some expanded perspective: First Stop, Porto.

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