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So, I recently and quite inadvertently “surfed” freestyle into a local FB forum and enjoyed the many shared fond memories of beloved restaurants that have come and gone through, well, a couple decades.

Mostly Lowell and Boston, but also a few suburbs in between. The obvious were there, Hilltop, Saugus, East Coast Grill, Cambridge, M.L Shaws and even Lowell’s Lums, from way back in the day. So many more were remembered–so many memories–food and drink has that power to bring us to a place that existed from so long ago and catch a warm and fuzzy.

I once kept, but since lost in the technological black-hole, a list of Lowell restaurants that have come and gone, by location, since I moved here 30+ years ago.

On the outskirts, La Boniche to Luna D’oro to Ricardo’s and now The Keep!
The Fox Tail to The Usual to the something, to something else sports bar, to Dudley’s to….
The Dubliner, Dubliner 2, Major’s, Wicked Irish, now Warp and Weft..
Pollards, to Smithwicks, to Smokehouse Restaurant to Smokehouse night club…
Who remembers Sangria’s on Central, that became Micky’s, then something else, then something else!? Looks like someone else is going to give the location a try.

We could do this all day long!

How many more can you name?
What was before the Mambo Grill, now the bustling Ramen Bar?
Mill City BBQ now occupies space that was….ML Shaws, A Brazilian Place, a crab house. What was it before Shaw’s?

Serious congratulations go to my restaurant brothers and sisters, those who have survived in this incredibly tough business in this always challenged environment!

The generational Olympia and Four Season’s, Teddy P and Family’s Athenian Corner, Viet Thai, Cavaleiros, The Old Court–who I believe are the only occupants since it was The Press Club

Who am I forgetting? The seemingly endless string of restaurant turnover continues…Garcia Brogan’s just lately, and North of Lowell (NoLo!) The Stonehedge–who valiantly tried every which angle in trying to figure how how to draw enough folks to that beautiful, but remote location. It is sad really–and the climate for restaurant success has never been more difficult! (Am I right Teddy?)

Lowell peeps! Please, support your local restaurants.
They are some hard working and committed folks—supporting so many local employees, initiatives, special occasions and social services… and they need you!

Lowell’s downtown offers so many options—we are so lucky and so rich in culture–Think about it! Varietal American choices from burgers to crabs to steak to bbq, so many Southeast Asian options, Greek, Mexican, Sushi/Pan Asian/Japanese, Portuguese, diner, tavern, pizza…and who knows what’s next?!

Dinner, that’s what. What in the Lowe’hell is for dinner?!!

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