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A restaurant owner friend of mine said recently:

“Everyone wants the hell out of Massachusetts. They’re killing us.”

I knew what she meant—I felt her pain. Feel free to read the link–validation that I don’t make this sh** up!

Being a proud and active board member of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, I tempered my response, and re assured her. Weakly. Her business is in danger. Feel free to read this article too–although it wasn’t penned by my friend, she’s writing it everyday!

The never-ending increases in our cost to do business forced by those who fast-track-legislation in search of a more just society (or votes, or higher dues)—is killing us. Small business owners don’t like the lack of societal inequity but neither did we create it. We provide jobs, opportunity, pay taxes–but will suffer a staggering burden as we are asked to solve problems much bigger than $1/hour. And another. And another. These increases will cost OUR two businesses over $100,000 in a (3) year period.

We campaign and lobby, share strategies, cut, change, stress even greater prudence and caution, at times “playing scared” even–we adapt in seeking ways to do more with less. And, inevitably, we will all be raising prices–or die.

That rosy picture shared, as it happens, it is NOT actually why we are opening our next restaurant in Nashua, New Hampshire—we simply found a great location at a great price—however—I don’t mind telling you how excited we are to be able to “live free” to afford managing our business in a way that rewards the best employees and continues to create opportunity for those who seek it and strive for it—without having to over pay for those who don’t. And, we will be creating a progressive operational model, on behalf of those employees—and one that will make operating in Massachusetts more affordable in the future. Should we ever go that route again!

Oh, and happy hour!
We are also really excited to be able to make it more fun for folks to come out on, say, Mondays, or simply after work, with specials intended for responsible adults!!

Stay tuned.

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