SHG. #1 is Number Three.

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The titled hashtag above (#) means, “number.” It reads as “Number one is number three.” The “three” for, the 3rd restaurant of The Stones Hospitality Group. And, we are stoked!

To those small handful of you–one in particular–who poked fun at us, he suggesting we as “arrogant” to name two restaurants a “group”–and in fairness, so many more of you expressed appreciation for the Stones Hospitality Group “launch”, the thing is…WE knew a third was coming. Fot (4) years now!! We just needed the location.

Anyway, I took the liberty of planning ahead. Stones Hospitality Group was born, pre maturely.

The 3rd in our group of “good people” will arrive in Nashua soon enough–and, wink-wink, we are already looking for #4
(Number 4, the 4th, No. 4).

We are grateful for the hundreds of positive vibes and comments on Facebook, sharing Stones love for the existing two, Cobblestones and moonstones, and the excitement of Number 3. And thank you ALL for your possible “Stones Something” name submissions. (Is it killing you to not know the name?? Because not sharing it is killing me! The Marketing director, aka my “boss” won’t take the leash off…) But soon enough. Thank you nonetheless for the vibes. This is so much fun.

The #1, we’ll talk about at a later date–it will make sense.

You know who else is showing love for us Stones…Nashua! Like, so far, everyone. Our many friends who live North of the border, many many former guests of PigTale, the economic director, Tim Cummings–great guy, welcoming, informative, proud of Nashua, helpful. And, the Building Inspector, and, the Department of Health–easy to work with, helpful, supportive, The City Clerk with well wishes and guidance…we feel “at home” already and we haven’t jack-hammered a single tile yet.

Thank you NASHUA for the all the support, the warmth, the guidance, the expediency thus far. Did I mention how excited we are?

It took me 30 years to open Cobblestones (That includes the diaper years) with my then, three-person leadership team. It took another 13 years to open moonstones–by then we were twice the leadership, a whopping of six managers. And, now, with another doubling of our resources, and more than a dozen of us–and nearing 100 employees–with Super-Director Ken Woodrow driving the bus, pedal to the metal, we will open Stones-Something 11 years after the moon launch. (That’s moonstones. Not the Apollo. Hokey, yes. I can’t help it.)

I forget, between openings, how exciting this shit is! The adrenaline never stops.

The five year property search, the eventual successful negotiation, the theoretical conversations, the crunching of numbers, the menu–again and again and again…, the budget, the meetings, the lease and lawyers, the design, the team-building, the plan and re plan, the promo, the consultants (“what will the people think?” See? Feel? Touch?), the equipment package, City hall…and eventually, the plate ware and actual things that fill the shelves!

Nashua, we can’t wait.

Stay tuned. Our song is being written everyday–in preparation for an April opening. Come play with us? We are holding “auditions.” (Interviews) Now hiring. I can promise you a few things, but none with any greater confidence than this: You’ll never know better people than ours. Rule #1. Good people only please. (We have lots of Rule #1’s 🙂 )

Contact: for interviews.

Hello Nashua…

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