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I am sadly, not surprised anymore by how many cooks (“Chefs”) destroy beautiful fish by overcooking it. I can only imagine it is due to how many people (cooks/”chefs”) don’t actually eat fish and seafood, and have never been trained in the difference.

Seriously. Not all fish are created equal. Haddock? Cook it some more–it will be ok. Chilean Sea Bass? Cook it more, it will be amazing. But the vast majority of excellent ‘fruits of the sea”, are beautiful when just cooked…to name a few: Salmon, Halibut, Snapper, Swordfish, Lobster..the list goes on. There’s a reason Chef’s started asking guests if it was ok to serve their salmon medium-rare. Because it melts in your mouth!! C’mon you rock-star wannabes–Sear the steak, simmer the sauce, boil the potatoes, smash the burger, pound the veal, fry the chicken. But the fish? Cooking fish is sort of like like chipping in golf. Loosen the grip. It’s a ballad, not heavy metal. Go easy guys…

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