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As some of you know, our London based marketing consultancy has put us (me!) on strict orders to not leak information on the new restaurant.

A gag order if you will. (We all agree upon a strong, united, cohesive release—”when the time is right.”)

I’m leaky. It’s hard. I’m getting older, and less controllable. I just blurt things out sometimes.

But rest assured I’ve been coached. And admonished. And berated.

“I can’t say.” “Soon enough.” “I can tell you this, things are really coming along.” “Don’t tell anyone I told you but…”

In the meantime…

We can’t wait for the art sketches—due any day now, the floors may or may not be going down, some equipment may or may not be on site, the rotten walls have been repaired and you can no longer see into the tanning salon if you crawl under the sinks, the Southern (NH) Fried Chicken recipe may or may not still be a work in progress at moonstones. (“Let’s go with one dredge only. No crumbs…”)

Annnd, the 250 classic vinyl records we have gleaned from my mom’s attic, may be a much smaller number when you remove the scratched, poppy and skippy (Madonna’s 1st album, so sad, and Adam and the Ants too), the simply horrible choices that must have been my brother’s (wink wink)(i.e. The Scorpions, Alisha, etc) and, the just won’t work in the new mojo (Like, the banjo driven sound track from Deliverance!)(I really tried to see it fitting in. Yeah, no.)

We’re still spinning…and please stay tuned!

Oh–and we’re hiring. Good people only please. We’ll take care of the rest. Stones Hospitality.

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