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To our wise and faithful guests…

Please read this article. Although we are ALL trying work with 3rd party delivery systems–customers demand it, business is helped by it, and as you can see–we often are not left with a choice. This happens. It happened to our restaurant early on, and, we recently ordered “Life Alive” at home through door dash. The food never arrived, and the folks at the restaurant were understandably confused and annoyed. “We sent it out with the driver. After that, we have no control.”

Gratefully, our staff has worked hard on creating a menu that travels well and have since worked out flaws in the system that have led to 4.9 stars of a possible 5. Although “fingers crossed” is not a great business strategy–we will continue to monitor the job that Door Dash and Uber Eats does on behalf of both you, and us. We’ve worked way too hard for way too many years to be compromised by a driver who is not wise enough to gas up before the shift!! Just sayin’.


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  1. Keyla M Santiago Santiago says:

    Nesesito trabajas y la paga buena

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