Written by  ,     March 10, 2020     Posted in Announcements, Background, Business, Fun, Restaurant

Is it a problem when you wake up thinking about Happy Hour?

I can explain…

We are opening a new restaurant in Nashua NH in the weeks to come, and as you all know, well–“Live free or die!”

AKA, drink specials @ happy hour are legal.

Of course, not all happy hours are created equal. Like, half price well drinks? Is that cool? 2 for 1 and BOGO? A free dark rum floater on your Mai Tai perhaps? 25 cent wings? (zzzz) Reverse happy hour–special pricing from 9pm to closing?

As we plan or work, to work our plan, we ask: What happy hour type special gets YOU excited? Where is/was your favorite happy hour place? And, if you say the $5 Friday buffet at Mike’s Westview in Sunderland back in the day–I was there! Let’s reminisce….over half price beers.

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