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It was nice, amidst all this chaos, and fear, layoffs, the specter of bankruptcy, a million suggestions that we wash our hands…all of it, to be designated as “essential.” Our restaurants were permitted to remain open for delivery and pick up during this crisis. Obviously, food is essential. Maslow told us that long ago. But, when you get classified in a similar manner to the true heroes and brave folks–the 1st responders who run into fires and earthquakes and all kinds of dangerous situations–it feels a little nice. “Moonstones ma’am, what’s your emergency?….a hankering you say…Marsala you say? Yes ma’am, Chicken Marsala, extra mushrooms–GLOVES ON!!! We’ll have that for you at the curb STAT. And what’s your current carrot cake status?”

So, the chef got in a car accident and the roof is leaking over the stoves. We’re expecting locusts any day now.

Someone said the other day, that they thought maybe this all was God’s way of saying we need to be doing a better job taking care of the planet, and each other. That same person then mentioned how it would be sweet justice if this plague found it’s way into the oval office. #christiannotchristian

A texted me yesterday that he had never been so inspired to work so hard for so little money.

I know it’s not nice, but I giggled a little when I read how badly this crisis is affecting Yelp! and how they might not recover. What a shame. That God comment may have some merit. (We actually DID get a bad review, the day after we were shut down–two stars. Dude said the bar smelled like beer. I’m going to stop here. #staycalm

My people are badass. My first responders. Unemployed. (We were forced to lay off 70+ employees last Monday. It’s a short term pain in the hopes of long term recovery type strategy.) Restaurants without guests. An uncertain future. And no promises. Yet, here they are– a handful of my best, warriors, keeping moonstones lights on, volunteering time and energy, taking risk, to help feed 100+ folks in shelters everyday, while working on building a to go/pick up presence for those folks who need or want our “essentialism!” And the things they say… “I’m all in. Whatever you need.” and “I don’t care if you pay me or not.” and “I’ll drive her to make the deliveries and just pay her…she has no car and needs the money.” And, “I’ve never worked with a greater group of people. Count me in for whatever.” And, this text from one of our toughest, most rugged, after yet another long day of stress and uncertainty: “I love you all.” We feel the same my man. We love you all.

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