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Someone said yesterday, “That’s the best stuffing I have ever had.”

On a day we brought our new takeout and delivery business to a whole other level, serving over 600 meals in six hours, on a day that we prepared and provided (20) staff and family their Easter dinner, and provided food for (3) local shelters, and generated $2500 in gratuities for our staff and disbursed another $1200 in relief to other–so much of it thanks to the generosity of our guests and friends–it was the stuffing comment that tickled me a just little extra.


Because as many of you already know, great restaurant chefs don’t throw anything away. We paid for the carrot tops and onion skins, they’re going into the broth! We boil the bones, we use chickpea broth as vegan thickener, we use steak trim in sandwiches and on skewer specials, we fill potato skins with cheese and bacon. Bread is no different. And, it strays from one of the oldest of kitchen rules–First in, first out or FIFO. As you also know, it is so often the best the day it’s baked, and going stale soon after. We do not serve day old French bread or burger rolls. With bread, it’s last in, first out. So, what do we do with those dozens upon dozens of leftovers? Every day, we freeze them, on slower days by the bag full. The rye “ends” that are too small for sandwiches and the sandwich rolls that threaten to break a tooth! And they pile up. And eventually, for instance, a pandemic comes along and coincides with Easter and the incredible opportunity to offer Ham and turkey with stuffing–and VOILA–the stuffing is made from…you got it… boxes and bags filled with frozen bread– to the tune of “Best ever!” That my friends is what we call “a win!”

It’s the small things.

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