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I find myself asking that question constantly, largely to myself since I’m mostly with myself.

Have we not flattened that damn curve yet?

I’m really tired of pulling my hand off the stairwell banister as though I just touched a hot pan. I take the six flights of stairs when I get home because I almost passed out trying to hold my breath in the elevator that time. Its not a fast elevator. And I don’t splunk. But that means handling three door knobs and taking banister risk.

I’m tired of being angry at myself for washing my hands properly, only to just pick up my ‘contaminated’ cell phone again.

Can we pleeease hug, if we just look away, gloves on, and hold our breath?

Someone told me recently that they leave their shoes outside when they get home. They weren’t in the medical profession. I felt a little badly for thinking they were out of their freakin mind. Eyeroll, SMH, What the…

I don’t watch the news anymore. Ever. I don’t like being afraid. I refuse to be afraid.

At a time that I am most inclined to bite my nails, I don’t dare. That “itch” stays in my nose.

When someone follows less bad protocol and fist bumps me, because I allowed them inside my six foot zone, I remind myself not to rub my tired eyes with the back of my hand. I too am losing my freakin mind.

Someone shook my hand the other day and I then pretended that I needed to use the bathroom. I washed my hands. He was a stranger, and clearly not down with following protocols, but I still felt stupid. It’s like that. Was he more brave than I. It felt that way. What a rebel. I used to be a rebel.

I’m ready to go out for drinks. I’m ready to take more risk. I’m ready to visit some folks. Hug me, I’m not afraid. Let’s do shots and hug again. I want a fucking Mai Tai in a stupid cup with a silly garnish.

I’ve been around an awful lot of people over the past month, staying busy and productive while trying to save our businesses and our staff…. No fever. Still.

Don’t hate me. I’m careful and mostly respectful. But I need to know we’ve flattened that curve soon.

How much longer people?

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