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COVID 19 shut down restaurants across the nation, with those doing the shutting continuing to fail to recognize the courage, the safety orientation and readiness of our restaurant people!! We were born ready.

Every. Single. Day we deal with the unknown and the dangerous. We come prepared. We meet the challenges consistently and safely. When someone gets sick, someone else works for them. A friend or team member. When the unexpected crowd shows up, managers and team members get each other’s back, and we kill it. Together. We manage and overcome wet floors, nasty people, sharp knives, hot liquids, angry drunks, scalding grease, fast-paced, blind corners, “hot pan” and “behind you,” fresh fish, product rotation, a litany of allergy related requests and concerns, sanitized surfaces, proper water temperature, hand soap, dish chemicals, bleach…safety and sanitation under duress, all day every day. COVID 19, you ain’t shit.

In the next couple weeks, we will be reopening our two restaurants—and opening a new one, in Nashua. Our leaders are planning and preparing now: through seminars, newsletters, webinars, emails, magazines, industry experts, meetings, and the never ending flow of information and protocols from our Resource Officer Kathy Plath! We will be managing new responsibilities and new procedures along with the old. We got this.

CNN, we’re not scared. Just safe.

We will be rehiring our best people and seeking new best people.
We will be reducing our staffs and our menus while expanding patios and private spaces and strategies to NOT just overcome and survive,
but to improve and thrive. Watch and learn.

Spacing of 6 feet? How about 16 feet?!
Our buildings are huge, with private rooms and spaces for those who want that added confidence. Our teams are incredible and our leaders will continue to lead us, Stones strong. Like a rock.

A HUGE thank you to the courageous and the committed who have been with us and at it, (and healthy!) since the beginning of this mess. General Robin Dupell, without hesitation, switching over to moonstones and launching a new take out strategy in Week 1, and ever since. Chefs Adam and Marco—he with a new child at home, mask on and in his lone corner–”You stay over there”–pumping out food. Chad Hervieux, the latest Stones “beast” to do whatever is needed, and Justin “I don’t need a day off” Hayes with Cory, Ty, Jason (“I’m out” and then “I’m back!”), Martin, Julia, Leeann, Aimee, Lexy, Mike L, Sadi always at the ready, Peggy—who fought through the shit but never stopped contributing, the Plath girls, from Chicago, London and Nashua, answering the call and doing it all as needed, Joey Ferry, 3rd generation representation killing the social media, and lately, Alicia, Garrett, Sevinn, Brandon and Alexis Walsh—her mother on the opening team at Cobblestones 26 years ago–scrubbing, cleaning, painting and sanitizing as we move towards our re up. We miss you.

Since day one, we got this. “When the going gets tough…”

When the going gets tough….

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