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Off the restaurant topic, for just a minute, but related (watch and see): I went to the party store a few weeks ago–Party Time I think. I needed one of those big happy balloons; for a watermelon margarita booth at the upcoming Folk Festival where our goal was to sell 500 margaritas. I wanted something to float above the tent–a huge margarita glass, or a slice of watermelon, or a pink flamingo…you get it. They had the perfect balloon, on the wall display, with all the other display balloons. I went to the counter– “Number 98 please.” She, dead pan, no smile; “We’re out of #98.” Me: “OK, I’ll take the one from the wall.” She: “I can’t sell you that.” (Still no smile, even though I was my best cute and charming. Just sayin’). Me: “How about I give you an extra $10” She: “Nope.” Me: “I’d like to see the manager.” She: (eye roll). She, to the manager: “He wants to buy #98 off the wall.” The manager: “Sorry, we don’t carry #98 anymore.” Me: “Well then, all the more reason you should take that balloon off the wall, and sell it to me!” (still charming). She: “That would mess up our inventory. I can’t.” I sulked, stomped my foot, bought #62 and walked out the front door wondering how in the world you can hire folks who say “no” and don’t smile, at all, for a “Party” store!!!

And that said, (because I already know the answer to my question…) in the ever important, “we’re not alone” category…while visiting father/brother/nephews on Martha’s Vineyard for Sunday football Week 1 last week, on Monday morn (10:45), (glowing from the GMen’s 1st opening day victory in six years!!) I brought my computer to the world famous Black Dog Bakery for breakfast and to get some work done as they all had Island life things to do. “Sorry” the host said without a smile (yes it’s a pattern); “We have closed for breakfast.” I asked what time they close. She said 11. I said it’s not 11. She said, “The kitchen was too busy and we closed.” Sigh. I then tried to get a loaf of bread. “No bread” I was told. “We lost our baker.” (“Bakery” is in the name mind you) I noticed there were no specials posted on the specials blackboard outside the restaurant, for days (actually, weeks) at their other location. And I thought…if this internationally known, iconic brand cannot fill their schedules, can’t run specials, can’t hire hosts that smile…what hope exists for the rest of us!!? Honestly, its like a jungle out here…

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