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Our first restaurant, COBBLESTONES of Lowell “celebrated” it’s 30th anniversary quietly yesterday, no cakes or corks popping.  In fact, blissfully lost in a state of lakeside mindlessness (an elusive destination for too long!) I had no idea of the date until looking at my phone on the drive home—me surfing, she driving.  “Whoa. It’s the 4th already!  Happy restaurant anniversary Baby.”

Kathy and I had previously decided to celebrate this milestone differently this time around, with a series of smaller promotions and recognitions (listed below), with a party delayed for a number of reasons.  The first being, May and June are just such incredibly busy months between functions, graduations, hockey championships and the like—there’s little time left for planning and properly executing “more.”  And also, times have changed. This post pandemic, war-rich, politically toxic environment we negotiate has a tendency to wag a cautionary finger in the face. Or maybe it’s me? Where once upon a time I was like that that yellow lab bounding into a room, to and fro, chasing my tail just because it was there, showing off how fast I can run in circles, these days just wagging on the porch in the sun feels pretty nice too. For those of you who share our feel good, who have contributed in any number of (countless!) ways, we would love to have you celebrate with us.  Big or small. And, for the record, June 4th 1994 was simply the first day we welcomed folks through the doors—for our first “Friends and Family” invitation-only opening soiree, where a couple hundred showed, and most have been showing up since! The next night, we welcomed politicos and business folks, then, we opened for our first lunch and dinner…and for the next 30 years, endless “firsts” were to follow!!

Please join us for any of the below:

30 Days in honor of special memories and our community
We are enthusiastically joining the June art initiative B Sides created by Renee Mallett and Pop Cultured at Mill No. 5 by decorating a “guitar” with mementos from special COBBLESTONES-centric memories over 30 years!  We’ve created every genre of ‘soundtrack’ through the years, from Phantom of the Opera level drama to the comical scores of a Warner Bros. cartoon and everything in between! Did you know that at least a dozen couples met while working at COBBLESTONES and then married?! How many can say the same who were not staff members?! We need your pictures!  Or your vows!  Or a copy of your invitation…send mementos please!  What about YOU?!  Did you meet at COBBLESTONES? Get married here? (Thanks for the pictures @Liz Doherty!) Did you have your rehearsal dinner with us?  Was your first date here? A baby shower?  A graduation party or special birthday?! We are always touched by the memories YOU share with us.  Please now share a memento that we can include in our “collage” to be displayed publicly in celebration of our incredible community.  Time is of the essence!  Please share photos/copies with splath@stoneshospitalitygroup.com and PLEASE pass this along to those you know carry COBBLESTONES in their heart!

30th Year Sunday Folk Festival Reunion, 7/28
All of you referenced above, friends and family, those with special memories please join us for our annual “You don’t have to go home…” Sunday, July 28th from 3PM until 6PM to reminisce, meet, greet, toast and mingle with live music and light refreshments!  Please spread the word

30% off for Dad—Sunday June 16. Details TBA for Father’s Day
Dad’s are truly the reason we are here. Obviously, half the reason. But on June 16, a big shout out to those who guided us, picked us up when we were down, and have been there every step of the way. Restaurant specials are pending in honor of you and yours!

30 Stories of COBBLESTONES
Look for a weekly chronicle of the most influential or memorable people and or incidents that have shaped our history in Lowell—opening at the very bottom of an economic cycle, to be then followed by The Spinners, The Tsongas Arena, (5) US Presidents, (7) City Managers, (4) General Managers, (10) Chefs, (21) cuisines within a mile, over 2 million guests, two fires, two recessions, a pandemic and incredibly, one wife!

30th Anniversary Big Fat Party!
You can’t overcome the above—without a big fat party.  Early September. Details TBA. 30 years in the restaurant business is like 100 years!  (The hips don’t lie). Stay tuned…you’re invited! (Well, not all 2 million…but the first 300 or so…it’s on!)


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